Saturday, September 13, 2008

Downloading the Tech·Ed SEA 2008 Conference Slides

Having been to several back-to-back Tech·Ed conferences in the past and having to miss this year's edition (due to other pressing commitments) is quite a departure from my annual "routine".  I hope I didn't miss too much this time. I did manage to slip in a few hours at the venue and I've blogged about it here.

Well thankfully, the conference slides are available for public download at time of writing.

I'm downloading the Developer Tools & Languages Track slides (64.2MB zip file) and the Web & User Experience Track slides (66.6MB zip file) as I type this post.

Here's the slides download landing page URL:

I hope to gain a few juicy tips out of reading the slides even though it's nothing like having the speaker taking you through the slides and demos.

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iCalvyn said...

ops...i cant manage to attend it, now only can go thru the slide. thank for the slides.