Tuesday, August 05, 2008

WPF Sessions at Tech·Ed SEA 2008

Still on the Tech·Ed SEA conference fever, here are the WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) related sessions for this year:

  • TLA312 - Building Smart Clients the Smart Way
    Session Level: 300
    Speaker: Maung Maung Phyo
  • WUX338 - Creating Dynamic UI with Windows Presentation Foundation
    Session Level: 300
    Speaker: Hoong Fai Lai & William Lim
  • WUX223 - Ultimate Data Visualization Experience with WPF
    Session Level: 200
    Speaker: Walter Wong
  • WUX221 - WPF Performance & Best Practices
    Session Level: 200
    Speaker: Dirk Primbs

Full synopses of the sessions are available here

As an aside, if you're looking for WPF-related resources such as WPF controls and WPF designer/development tools, take a look at my latest resource site — WPFPlex.com


Feel free to add your own review of any of the WPF resources featured there or suggest your favorite WPF resource to be added in the directory.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jason,

Since you are paying attention to WPF topic, let me give you 1 of the highlights on the demo I going to present next week

Tips and tricks how to build NY times reader
Workflow Monitor (WPF) that integrate with Workflow Foundation

See you!


Jason said...

Thanks for the heads up, Walter.