Monday, October 09, 2006

Windows Live Writer Beta - Take Two

A few weeks' back, I blogged about test-driving Windows Live Writer (WLW) for the first time. I'm quite pleased with the usability as a whole.  The whole WYSIWYG desktop experience feels simply much better than the sluggish web-based blog editing experience.  Here's a screenshot of WLW:

Windows Live Writer Beta

Inserting a map is easy! Click on Insert Map on the sidebar and you can embed a map taken from Virtual Earth in the blog post.

Windows Live Writer - Insert Map

What I like about WLW is the support for plugins. Already, there is a growing community out there writing interesting plugins for WLW.

Inserting photos from Flickr is also easy with the Flickr4Writer plugin by Tim Heuer. You can choose the image size you want and have the image automatically link back to the corresponding Flickr photo page.

Windows Live Writer - Insert Flickr Image

Build 145 now has tagging support built in.  There's even an autocomplete feature in the tag editing box.  Also, unlike the previous builds, this build now works with Blogger Beta

Windows Live Writer - Insert Tag

I'm now hooked with WLW. I like the idea of maintaining different blogs — of different blog engines — from a single desktop application. More information on WLW can be found here:

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